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We buy forest

Are you selling forest?

A. Ahlström is expanding its forest holdings by constantly acquiring new forest property. We care for our forest property on a long-term basis while complying with good forestry practices and paying attention to natural values.

Ask for an offer if you are planning to sell your forest property. We are a trustworthy and professional trading partner, and we do not charge any commissions or additional costs. We are especially interested in forest properties in western Finland but we also trade forest properties throughout the country. Do not hesitate to contact us: an offer request gets things moving without any commitments.


Contact us:

Timo Viinamäki

Director, Forest

+358 (0)50 518 3661

Timo Valli

Specialist, Estates

+358 (0)50 518 3618

Anni Asikainen

Head Game Keeper

+358 (0)50 518 3616