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Sustainability policy

A. Ahlström has published its Sustainability Policy in June 2020 to define a framework for sustainability.

Sustainability Policy

Code of Conduct

Business ethics and governance constitute the foundation for A. Ahlström’s ownership model with clear roles and responsibilities. A. Ahlström supports universally recognised human rights and assumes long-term accountability for ethical standards. A. Ahlström strives to comply with laws, rules, and ethical principles. A. Ahlström’s Sustainability guidelines define the expectations applicable to A. Ahlström and all of its portfolio companies to conduct their operations in a responsible manner. A. Ahlström and its portfolio companies need to ensure that sustainability is integrated into the business. However, each portfolio company is ultimately responsible for itsoperations and the way they are conducted.

A. Ahlström’s Sustainability guidelines:

1) Comply with local and national legislation in each country of operation

2) Be committed to the UN Global Compact and its 10 principles, commit to UN Sustainable Development Goals, support the ILO conventions as well as Universal Declaration of Human Rights

3) Have an implemented Code of Conduct and other policies that address relevant sustainability areas

4) Have in place a secure reporting channel for whistleblowing

5) Assess material sustainability topics and have an active dialogue with stakeholders

6) Analyse risks and opportunities and formulate relevant measurable targets

7) Continuously improve ESG impact with a special focus on climate, employee well-being and business ethics

8) Have adequate processes and resources to manage and monitor sustainability performance

9) Transparently report on sustainability development