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Company / History

Over 170 years of industrial traditions

A. Ahlström Oy is one of Finland’s largest industrial owners and part of the Ahlström family heritage – one of the most significant industrial families in Finland from the 1850s onwards.


Active value creation

Ahlström Capital was established in 2001, when A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö was divided into Ahlstrom Corporation, Ahlström Capital Oy and A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö. Ahlström Capital’s portfolio consisted of Ahltronix (which later became Enics) and ÅR Carton (later ÅR Packaging).

In March 2023, Ahlström Capital merged with Antti Ahlström Perilliset to form A. Ahlström Corporation. At the end of 2023, A. Ahlström’s ownership includes Ahlström Invest B.V. (including a significant ownership in Ahlstrom Oyj), Munksjö Paper AB, Suominen Corporation, Metsäkonepalvelu Oy, Bast Fibre Technologies Inc, M&J Recycling A/S, Detection Technology Plc, Glaston Corporation and GPV Group A/S.



A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö becomes one of the first Finnish companies to expand their business abroad – a major milestone for Finnish industry. Starting with an investment in an Italian paper mill in 1963, today Ahlström Capital’s portfolio companies are active in 33 countries. The investment in Cartiere Giacomo Bosso S.p.A was the first significant international corporate acquisition by a Finnish company.



Ahlström becomes a forerunner in the paper, glass and engineering industries. A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö becomes the biggest industrial company in Finland. First steps of internationalisation: Karhula Works begins the manufacturing of pumps for the forest industry, with the licences from the American company Nash, Swiss company Sulzer and Swedish company Laval.



Antti Ahlström starts business in the fields of shipping and sawn goods. In 1870, he acquires the Noormarkku Works, which later becomes his home and the centre of the company’s businesses. He also acquired three other Works: Kauttua in 1873, Leineperi in 1877 and Strömfors in 1886. Along with the acquisition of the Works, Ahlström received significant forest holdings, which still form the basis of the company’s forest assests today.


The Beginning

Antti Ahlström starts business in 1851.